Water Treatment

Pure, clean, great tasting water for you and your family! That’s our goal.

We offer whole home solutions for all your water treatment needs. Whether it is hard water problems, poor tasting or smelly water or even water that is unsafe to drink. We have a solution to fit every home and budget. You can trust us to deliver clean, safe, great tasting water.

Start off with a
No Cost – No Obligation Water Test

Softer, cleaner, better water starts here with our free in-home, no obligation test. 1000 Islands Water Treatment & Plumbing. will come right to your home to give you instant testing results concerning your water quality and the effectiveness of your present system. We do not have pushy sales people who will try to force you to buy overpriced products, but rather we can help you select the proper solution to improve the water quality in your home.

We offerSolutions for all your water treatment needs

Specialty Filters

Problem water is no problem! Our whole house filters take care of sediment, bad tastes, stains, colour and odours. Enjoy clean, clear, odour free water. Water the way you like it!

Taste and odour: Removes chlorine and organics that make water taste and smell bad.

Multi-Media: Eliminates suspended sand and silt that makes water cloudy.

Neutralizing appliances: Raises the PH of acidic water to neutralize corrosiveness to protect fixtures, pipes and appliances.

Ultra-Violet Sterilizers

Canadians are fortunate to live in a land of fresh water and sparkling rivers. While most times we have good safe water to drink, this is not always the case. Our Ultra-Violet water sterilizers, with proper pre-treatment, will solve your problems with e-coli, hepatitis, influenza virus, salmonella, and many others. Enjoy water that is safe for you and your family. Give yourself peace of mind today!

Reverse Osmosis

No need for expensive bottled water when you can enjoy fresh, clean, great tasting water at the turn of a tap with our Reverse Osmosis units.

Lots of good old fashioned water is essential to our health. It replenishes body fluids faster and better than any liquid drink sold on the market, at zero calories.

Great tasting, high quality water, straight from your own Reverse Osmosis Unit, is not only convenient, but it saves you time and money.

Water Softeners

Our water softeners offer solutions to your hardness problems. Enjoy soft skin, silky hair, spot-free dishes and brighter laundry while protecting your plumbing and water using appliances from scale build-up. All these benefits, plus you save money by using less soap, lower water heating cost and the life of your laundry is extended. Soft water saves you time & money.

Chemical Free Iron Filters

Problem water is no problem! Our chemical-free Iron filters are ready to tackle any tough job without expensive or messy chemicals. Eliminate iron and odors from your water with this high-efficiency iron filter. Once again you save time and money!

Plus moreFlexible payment plans to suit any budget

There is no need to wait for better water!  TIWT offers a variety of flexible payment options to suit your needs and budget. Whether you choose to rent or purchase outright, we can help you out. Ask about our Rent-to-Purchase” plan.

Worry freeService Contracts to protect your investment

Each of our quality products is designed to give you years of faithful service when properly maintained. Just as regular oil changes help your car to last longer, so do our annual service checks. Changes in our water supply are inevitable over time and can affect the safety and cleanliness of your water. Let us help you keep your new or present Water Treatment Unit functioning at an optimal level all year long.

Warranties to back up our products

All of our products are built with quality materials, that when properly  installed and maintained by our licensed technicians , they will give you years of trouble free service. We guarantee it!

Customer Referral Incentive Program

When you are happy and tell others about our quality water treatment products, we are also happy. We have a small token of appreciation  for each successful referral that you send our way! Ask us for details.